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Wednesday, 01 October 2008 11:13

There is a certain view of the Universe that nearly everybody in the spiritual community agrees upon, and which is compatible with the world-view of many indigenous people and ancient religions, namely:

We are not just our bodies, but we also have spirit, also called “higher self”, that exists eternally. When we die, we shed our material body and move to “higher dimensions”. In fact, we are foremost spirits having a material experience.

Everything is or has consciousness, even seemingly inanimate objects. What differs is just the level of consciousness. Consciousness or information is the fundamental building block of the Universe, of all that exists in fact.

We are all connected to each other and with everything in the Universe. In fact, at the most fundamental level of reality we ARE one. Thus everything we do unto others we do unto ourself and vice versa.

This “Oneness” that surrounds everything and is part of everything is what we are connected by is a vast ocean of loving, intelligent energy or consciousness of the highest order, often percieved or described as bright light. This is what is also called God, Creator, Source, Spirit, All-That-Is, Divine Matrix, etc. The important thing to note is that we are part of this being and not separate from it! Thus we can never be “lost” or “against its will”. It also loves everyone and everything unconditionally and without judgement.

There are also various planes of consciousness, also called levels of vibration or densities. Our bodies currently live in the plane of the lowest consciousness, namely the material plane. This is where the illusion of separation is the greatest and where our thoughts manifest most slowly. Above that are the astral planes. This is where our spirits go after death or often during sleep and deep meditations. Here, the separation is not so great and our thoughts manifest quickly. We can know everything and communicate instantly. Also, there is no time there as we know it here. There is just the “Eternal Now”.

Beyond that, at the highest level we experience “Oneness” and merge with everything that exists. There we feel the greatest bliss, joy, love and ectasy. This level is often described as a place of great and intense light with wonderful, angelic music.

Originally we were part of this “Oneness” but separated and descended into this material plane to experience it. Now we are evolving back to the “Oneness”. Many people think that in the year 2012 (and the years leading up to it) there will be a great change in human consciousness that will result in major changes on Earth.

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