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Raw Food – My True Miracle Diet PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 28 October 2008 12:36
In my opinion the true miracle diet is a raw vegan diet. After switching to eating 75% raw, organically grown, vegan foods I effortlessly lost about 25 pounds in 6 months. I feel a lot healthier and usually need only about 6 hours of sleep per night.

In the remaining 25% of my diet I still eat cooked and baked foods. This includes some cheese and eggs, but no meat. I notice though when I eat that my health and energy levels deteriorate.

What is a raw food diet?

raw foodA raw food diet means eating only foods from plants, preferably organically grown, that have not been heated (about 120°F or 50°C is the maximum). This includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Fresh and unprocessed foods are best. Any kind of food processing that does not include heat such as juicing, blending and drying and are acceptable though for the sake of variety.

It is also important to avoid all kinds of artificial substances. This includes artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, additives such an MSG, carbonated drinks and even caffeine. The basic rule is, the more natural the food is the better!

If you want to know what Aspartame does, I suggest you watch this video, likewise for more about MSG watch this video.

Meat should be avoided though even if it is organic. If you have difficulty overcoming your appetite for meat I suggest you try some of the many meat-replacement products, which are quite good now.

Success Stories

There are numerous amazing success stories to be read, even from mainstream news, which show drastic weight losses and improvements in health:

My Story

Channing in 2007I’ve always liked eating food, including bread, pizza chocolate and junk foods. At about age 20 I acquired a Diet Coke addiction, which last for about 20 years. In the final stages of that addiction I was getting nearly my entire daily need for liquids from Diet Coke! At about age 40 I started to notice that I was gradually getting more problems with my health. This included acid reflux, my limbs “falling asleep” rather quickly, bouts of chronic fatigue, deterioration of my eyesight (floaters), a slightly weak and occasionally leaky bladder and that I was continually gaining weight. At the time I attributed this to getting older and getting less exercise. I wasn’t so serious that I couldn’t live with it but I was concerned.

Then I discovered the truth about the world, namely that the major food companies actually care little about the long-term health of their customers. Even going so far as to falsify studies on substances such as Aspartame.

Then I started to change my diet. My first step was to realize that I was addicted to Aspartame, the sweetener in Diet Coke. So I decided to quit that habit by going more or less ‘cold turkey’ and only drinking the occasional cup of coffee or sugared coke. After several weeks I also gave up drinking any kind of caffeine. The first few days after that were a bit difficult because I had a terrible headache. But after that was gone, I felt better. I had less highs but also less lows in my level of awareness. Overall I was more evenly awake. My bladder also improved and the need to urinate got less.

Channing in 2008The next step for me was to give up meat. This was quite difficult for me. I first reduced the number of meals with meat to about 2 per week, which was not too difficult. But to finally give up eating any meat at all took me about a year. What helped in the end was that declared myself to be a vegetarian to family and friends. Thus I really had to stick to my goal to not lose face. After giving up meat I noticed that I had less acid reflux.

Thereafter I started gradually switching to buying more organically grown and raw foods. Eventually I started getting all my groceries only from organic food stores. I experimented with going entirely without uncooked food for a weekend after watching videos on the Internet about peoples experiences with raw food. The argument that animals only eat raw food and do fine struck me as quite convincing. It was then that I started noticing great improvements in my health and all of the previously mentioned symptoms were nearly gone. When I combined that with doing a little exercise, running for an hour twice a week, I started to significantly lose weight. I also started to feel and look younger. People were often estimating my age to be 10 years less than my actual age. When I haven’t had any cooked meals for a while, my skin feels really smooth and “glowing”, I feel more calm, need only 6 hours of sleep per night, have more endurance during exercising and can connect better spiritually.
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