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What Convinced Me of the Spiritual Cosmos PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 29 October 2008 15:47
I would like to tell my story of what convinced me that the nature of the Universe is spiritual.

My doubts

God the GeometerI grew up being a Christian, although my father was an atheist after suffering from abuse going to a Catholic school. My father was a programmer and I grew up to be one too, so in our family we learned logic at an early age and there was always a significant interest in mathematics and sciences. I was always a little wary of the Christian teachings, trying to believe in them but not really being able to. I thought they were good ethical guidance, but I could never really believe that the Bible was an accurate historical account. I was stuck in “Doublethink”. I wanted to believe that God existed but also believed in science and logic and subconsciously knew that the two contradicted. Finally in my 20s I admitted to myself that they were contradictory and that the true nature of the Universe could simply not be exactly as suggested by the Christian teachings.

On the other hand, I could not accept that we lived in a materialistic Universe either, and that death was the end of our existence. So I started looking for clues about whether life continues after death. In philosophy class I put out the idea that Descartes’ statement: “I think, therefore I am” could be an indicator of eternal life. My thinking was that if I exist through my thought, then why should that ever end?

My first discoveries

ReincarnationI continued my search by reading many stories of near-death experiences and people remembering their past lives. I found that quite convincing, also because science has never come up with an - at least to my mind - convincing explanation why it all should be just a hallucination. There were just too many stories with similar accounts of the afterlife. I found it unlikely that our brain chemistry would by chance cause this similarly for so many people.

I had several dreams in which I had predicted the future, so I was also interested in paranormal phenomena. Being a science-fiction fan since childhood I was interested in UFOs as well. I found it quite vexing though that apparently mainstream science would not seriously investigate either of these topcis. Both types of phenomena have many credible witnesses. I also thought that Quantum Physics should be an indicator that that the paranormal is possibly real.

I carried these ideas for many years, namely that there probably is life after death, our souls reincarnate many times on Earth, and that paranormal phenomena and UFOs probably are real. I even devised my own logical proof that something like a God must exist. But it would not all fit really together. What bothered me especially was the apparent disinterest by so many other people to even investigate these topics. I thought: “If I can figure this out, then why can’t other people, too?“

My awakening

the Great SealThen in April 2006 I discovered the truth behind 9/11. I was floored and shocked. I thought to myself: “If this is true, then I want to know what else in my life is a lie.” I spent the entire weekend without sleep or food reading websites and watching videos on the Internet about various “conspiracy theories”. Suddenly a dream that I had years before made sense to me. I had dreamed that I lived in a trailer home in a vast wasteland that was covered by a wide grid of giant pyramids. At the top of each pyramid was a great eye, which emitted radio waves, causing an atmosphere of dread and suppression. This symbolized to me that there was a conscious effort in the world to keep the people from finding out the spiritual nature of the Universe. If the world namely embraced the concept of a spiritual Universe then our problems with war, disease and poverty would quickly disappear, as well as the need to have a small group of people in power! So obviously this isn't in their interest.

I suddenly knew why paranormal phenomena find such little regard in the sciences and the mass media. I realized that many of the “New Age”-people, whom I previously considered to be a little crazy, were probably onto something, and why they too were held in such disregard. So I read more and more on these topics and finally everything started to make sense to me.

Bill Hicks summed it up best with: “Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here’s Tom with the weather.”

The more I follow down my spiritual path the more evidence I find and the less contradictions I have in my world-view. As a person who places great value in logic, having a contradiction-free world-view that explains all the phenomena is immensely satisfying to me. This is the main reason for me to believe that the alternative world-view is true.

I also find that my intuition has grown stronger and that I often experience sychroniciticies. One of my latest experiences has been a week with Dr. Greer on one of his “ambassador to the Universe” trainings in Mount Shasta where I saw UFOs in the sky and balls of light in the trees. Another very concrete piece of evidence to me is the Egely wheel. I have bought one and can see firsthand the spiritual energy (also known as subtle energy, biofield, ether, qi, prana, etc.).
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written by Julie, November 06, 2008
Hi Channing,

This is a masterpiece, your website. I love the ambience and the articles. Well done, indeed. smilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gif

May your journey fill you with joy and wonderful experiences!

With love,
The Vampir Metrou
written by Devilwoman, May 22, 2010
We have a site that discusses these things and others, from spirituality, witchcraft, philosophy, secret societies, conspiracy theories, lores and realms, dark arts, herbology, and 40 other topics we actively talk about, open to all people from all walks of life, with tolerance and respect, we are on Ning....
Come join us and discuss this more...

Thanks Devilwoman
written by Ino Travel, September 22, 2011
Hi Channing,

Article just fantastic, full of meetings ", insights and revelations, I felt some of these things throughout my life and now I am not Catholic I am spirit.
written by Pokerville Ricky, October 09, 2011
I can see myself through the words that been shared in this story. I've been a following Christian for decades untill something happened that changed my life. I too began to wonder what is true and what not. It's totally insane to believe 9/11 was an accident. It was conspiracy after all! I am not no longer in connection with any believe. I believe I'm free!
Bush & Bin laden Family
written by Casper Saha, October 25, 2011
Guys for anyone that doesn't believe 9/11 was set up and was a conspiracy all way long is either ignorant or missed the big picture. The Bush and Bin Laden family benefitted massively from everything that 9/11 led to. Better start to believe we live in a foul world.
written by PPT viewer, March 30, 2012
The Egely wheel! I built my own not that long ago. It's an interesting tool isn't it? What experiments have you conducted using it?

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