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The Egely Wheel - an Indictator of Spiritual Energy PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 01 June 2009 12:22

This is an Egely wheel. It is a very simple device, basically just a plastic disc resting on a metal spindle, so it turns very easily. Light drafts can already make it turn. The surprising thing is, that it almost always turns and in a specific direction, when you put the inside of your hand around it without actually touching it (as in the photo below). This works with nearly every person. It appears as if there is some force coming from your hand that is causing it to turn. The possibility of air currents should be excluded of course by being inside a closed room.


Egely Wheel with hand next to it

Here is a video where I demonstrate the Egely Wheel:

When seeing this for the first time, most people suspect that the heat from the hands may be a cause, either due to thermal currents or due to infrared radiation pressure. We can exclude this possibility though by wearing a sweater and gloves, which insulates the body and blocks infrared radiation. As you can see in this video then, the wheel still turns:

Another experiment to exclude the possibility of thermal currents coming from the hand, is to put a paper ring around the wheel. The paper ring should block air turbulences coming from side, such as from the heat of my hands. Yet it still turns just as much as without it:

In this experiment, I'm putting both my hands near the Egely Wheel. I am controlling the spin direction by slightly curving the fingers on one hand more towards the wheel than the other. The difference in distance of my two hands to the wheel is very small. So if it were heat from the hand that would cause the turning this small difference should not make the wheel change its direction of turning. If it were heat or some other conventional force causing the turning, the two hands should cancel each other out and the wheel should only be turning very slowly in one direction.

Also, I can make two wheels simultaneously turn in opposite directions. This excludes the possibility of random air drafts and shows that the hands are causing the turning. The wheels almost always turn in the direction of where the fingers are pointing:

I have also made more videos (see my Youtube-channel "Mageant") in which I rule out various conventional explanations for it turning. In many of these videos I'm switching my hands in regular intervals, usually 60 seconds, to show that it is not some random event that is causing the wheel to turn. There are reports that other people having excluded electromagnetic fields by covering their hands in aluminum foil and then grounding it while making the wheel turn. An electrostatic charge can be excluded by the fact that is turns continually. If it were an electrostatic charge causing the wheel to turn it would turn maybe a few times but then sway back and forth until it eventually came to rest with the side of the wheel with the opposite charge near the hand.

It appears therefore that there is no conventional explanation as to why it turns. One explanation might be that it is a new (from the view of conventional physics) force called "chi" (also known as animal magnetism, aura, ether, biofield, spin, torsion fields, etc.). According to Egely, the speed of it turning also has something to do with the health and consciousness level of the person. There is even a version of the Egely Wheel which actually measures the speed of it turning. This force is possibly also the explanation for psychokinesis and other similar effects. It appears that spiritual healers can often make it turn very strongly or even make it stop. It is interesting to note that spiritual healers often lay their hands on people to heal them. It appears that this energy flows out of the body strongly from the hands, which is consistent with the Asian model of "chi".

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You don't need to take my word for it, or believe my videos. This is something you can try for yourself. You can get your own Egely Wheel or make you own. It is not hard to make. All you need is something that can turn very easily with the slightest wind. You can even just put a cigarette paper on top of a pin. It almost always turns when you put it near the body of a person. With practice you can make it turn faster. Note that this is also similar to what is known as a "psi-wheel".

Another fun thing to do is to have multiple persons put one hand next to it simultaneously. Each person should put their same hand (left or right) next to it, with the inside of their hand towards the wheel. With about 4 or more people there is almost always a noticeable increase in speed.



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