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Thursday, 23 October 2008 06:19
Universal laws are rules or patterns that can be applied to everything in the Universe. It is useful and important to know these laws simply because of the universality of their application.

As Above So Below (also known as Law of Analogy, the Law of Affinity, the holographic/fractal nature of the Universe)

Solar SystemThis means that the structures of the Universe are repeated everywhere, even on greater and smaller scales. For example, our solar system with a big star in the middle and planets circling around has the same basic structure as an atom with a big core and electrons circling around them. You can use this law to discover principles about reality because you can observe one area in your life and then apply the same principles to another area.

For example, let’s say you have discovered that you can improve your health by avoiding junk food, eating high-quality foods instead and excercising regularly. You can then apply the same principles to improve your mental faculties. This would be avoiding the consumption of “mental junk” (i.e. watching TV), reading high-quality texts instead and putting your mind to work (i.e. writing, solving problems, etc.).

atomAnother good way to use this law is to observe Nature and then apply that to your life. This is because the structures of Nature come more directly from Source and are more in harmony. So if you apply the lessons of Nature in your life you will experience more harmony and thus more happiness (see Law of Harmony below).

Here is a visual example of this law as a video. This is the so-called “Mandelbrot set” which in Mathematics is termed a “fractal”. Notice how the same patterns repeat again and again and that you end up with basically the same pattern as you started with:

Law of Attraction (also known Law of Resonance, Karma, “The Secret”)

Karma: what you give is what you receiveThis law states that like attracts like. Since everything has or is a frequency, when it meets something other with the same frequency it becomes intensified (the waves overlap and strengthen each other). That means that everything you put out into the Universe through thought and action comes back over time to you in like fashion. That is why if you are afraid of something and obsess about it, you will actually draw it towards yourself instead of pushing it away. If you are excessively worried about something and envision negative outcomes, then that is what you will experience. Alternatively, if you are optimistic and positive you will experience positive outcomes.

This is an important Law, since once you know about it you can use it to manifest the things you want in your life. Many people in the spiritual community are working on techniques on how to do this.

Law of Harmony (also known as Law of Balance, Law of Symmetry)

This law states that the perfect, highest state is that of balance. Harmony is basically the same as balance, because harmony means a consistent, orderly fashion of each component contributing equally. For example, harmonious music is one that contains both high and low, loud and quiet tones. Music that is just loud or just at one tone level is not considered harmonious. A symmetric face is considered beautiful. A harmonious relationship is one where each side both gives and receives (i.e. balanced). Thus you should avoid any great extremes and try to achieve balance and harmony in all areas of your life, because this means you will be closer to a state of perfection and thus happiness.

Golden Ratio in actionFor example, if you just concentrated on making lots of money in your life and neglected your relationships, then your life would be unbalanced because you might be able to have many possessions and friends but they would be very shallow and thus you would be unhappy. On the other hand if you just cared about your relationships and neglected your ability to earn money, then you would probably have many nice friends but you would also be constantly struggling financially and would not be able enjoy your friendships.

Note that this does not mean you should do good and bad things equally in your life. This is because good means balanced and bad means unbalanced. Everything that you experience as negative is always the result of some imbalance somewhere, so this is what you want to avoid.

Golden RatioThe Golden Ratio (~1.61803…) is an example of this law. Many things in Nature have proportions in the Golden Ratio, and artificial things made in the proportions of the Golden Ratio are often considered beautiful. Incidentally, the Golden Ratio is also a type of "fractal" number because it satisfies the equation (a+b)/a = a/b = 1.161803….

Related to this is also the philosophical concept of the Golden Mean, which states that one should do everything in moderation, avoiding extremes. This is an application of this law in personal conduct, since are you striving for balance.




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