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Friday, 24 October 2008 21:52
The best way to improve the world is to improve your own life first and worry less about the lives of others. By making significant improvements in your own life, you will free yourself and gain more energy to help others.

Why is this?

antiglobalist demonstrationWell, your own life is the area you have the most control over. So any improvements you make here will affect you immediately and most drastically. These will then also give you more self-esteem and motivation to continue with improvements. If you try to change the economic or political system first in the hopes that this will improve your life, then you might be in for a very long wait and end up in a cycle of despair.

Also, if you improve your own life you will encourage other people in your life to do the same. They will see that your method is working and be more open to your advice.

What can one do?

The main thing nearly everyone wants, is more happiness. Happiness is a condition that mainly comes from the inside, not the outside. So if you want that, then you should concentrate on improving your state of mind and your health.

Improving your state of mind means basically expanding your consciousness, being more optimistic, worrying less about the world and doing what you enjoy. If you are in such an improved state you will automatically have better relationships.

Improving your health means eating healthier, getting more exercise, getting enough rest, meditation, being in Nature etc. If you improve your health you will have more energy and thus be more successful at whatever your endeavors are. Thus you will automatically get better jobs and earn more money. You will also find it easier to get the job or occupation you enjoy doing. As a healthier person you will also be more attractive.

Unfortunately, society is currently set up to prevent you from doing exactly this. So you have to avoid doing what most other people currently are doing.

Avoid mainstream media as it tries to keep your mind focussed on negative news with false enemies, dramas and trivialities.

Avoid mainstream foods and style of living. Your health does not benefit from artificial foods, lack of exercise and the continual state of stress.

Therefore my advice is focus your efforts on improving your own life. There are many “self-help” websites out there that specialize on this, only to name a few:

Small Steps

One thing that I have discovered is that when I want to change something in my life, it is often best to do gradually, i.e. step by step. I only make a small change at a time that I can incorporate into my life easily and there is less danger of going back to my old habits. Once I’ve acquired the new habit, I then proceed with the next change, and so on.
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