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Consciousness, Sovereignty, Health, Sexuality, and Money PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 01 November 2008 22:36
The following text is well worth the and quite prophetic considering it was written in 1999:

"Consciousness, Sovereignty, Health, Sexuality, and Money
Reflections on Five Liberation Fronts

Civilization on planet Earth is still developing. By some measures the civilized world may seem advanced, but in other regards it is not advanced at all. There is still plenty of suffering arising from greed-based abuse, ignorance, and fear. Although some parts of the world are lavished with material wealth, a closer examination may show that the people living in such areas may only be living in "jails of gold." A high standard of material wealth does not necessarily correlate with a high standard of life. Nevertheless, the New World Order notwithstanding, we suggest that a New Consciousness dawns in the areas of Consciousness, Sovereignty, Health, Sexuality, and Money which seeks to expand our horizons and lead us to a higher quality of life yet unimagined, beyond but not excluding material prosperity. As individuals we need to examine these five areas or liberations fronts, as we may more accurately regard them, notice where the limitations are, identify the misinformation, and then challenge ourselves to envision grander possibilities into which we can grow. Following is an initial look at these five key liberation fronts.

Liberation of our minds requires understanding the nature of knowing and the nature of consciousness.

Liberation of our will requires understanding our personal sovereignty, our Unalienable Rights, and the limits on government.

Liberation from disease and physical breakdown calls for a personal understanding of our physical bodies, preventative measures, and methods of healing.

Liberation from neurosis calls for accepting, learning about, and caring for our sexuality.

Liberation from servitude and poverty calls for an understanding of the creation of money and the nature of banking.

source/remaining text:

My ideas for improvements in these areas would be:

Steve Pavlina has good list on how to expand your consciousness, this includes: truth, courage, compassion, desire, attention, knowledge, reason, conscious people, energy, and intention. Developing any of these areas in your life will expand your consciousness. You can expand your consciousness by meditating regulary, about 20 minutes twice a day is a recommended amount. I do two sessions of about 45-60 minutes daily and at the very least it has helped bring me relaxation into my life. Also, some of my best ideas come during meditation. Research on consciousness is already being done by respected scientists but should be encouraged more.

We would all be better off if we didn't try to control or interfere with other people's lives when it does not affect us. Libertarianism is a political philosophy that respects the individual's freedom and seeks to minimize the involvement of the state. I think it would be a great improvement if we followed these ideas more. There is a growing interest in this philosophy as seen by the popularity of Ron Paul during the latest presidential elections.


My basic rule for improved health is to consume the most natural products possible and have a relaxed life. Since I've started doing that, along with a little excercise, my health has improved noticeably.

In matters of sexuality I think we need to return to the idea, that this is special, sacred act. Of course we don't want to return to the times of great social restrictions. This would contradict the idea of freedom and non-interference with other people's lives. The sexual act opens a portal to Source and if the participants are not loving then that powerful Source energy manifests itself as something negative. That is why sexual energies are so powerful and have often been misused in the past. No other aspect of humanity has so been tampered with in the past as this. So it is important that we heal this part of our lives and return it to its natural state. Sexuality is a great gift we can use for our own enlightenment and we should treat it accordingly.

In my opinion we need to get away from fiat monopoly currency and fractional reserve banking. The way the current monetary system is set up is that all money is linked to debt. This massive amount of debt in our society creates lots of problems because of the interest that has to be paid on it. This results in the rich continually getting richer and the poor continually getting poorer. We should have competing currencies, including debt-free types of money, instead. Local currencies are a good example of this.
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